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Japan Anime Market - 100% genuine warranty from JAPAN

About us

Greetings to everyone in the world from Akihabara, Japan!
I'm Tatsuya Yamamori, the manager of the Japan Anime Market (also known as JAM).
Everyone calls me Yamachan.

Thank you for visiting JAM (the Japan Anime Market).

JAM (the Japan Anime Market) was established with the goal of introducing the latest information and merchandise of anime and manga to fans around the world. It is based in Akihabara, Tokyo, the mecca of anime and manga otaku.

As a Japanese, I have always loved Japanese anime and manga since I was a kid. I loved the Robot Chogokin series such as Mazinger Z and Grendizer, and toys such as Kamen Rider and Ultraman, comics such as Captain Tsubasa and Dokaben, and the list goes on.
But since I couldn't afford the toys and comics with my pocket money at the time, I dreamt of being able to buy as much anime and manga goods as I could when I grew up.

When I was young, my dad would take me to Akihabara whenever I was on holiday. (Though, at that time, it was a district of electronic parts rather than anime merchandise. )

Eventually, when I became an adult and started an Internet marketing job, Akihabara was also gradually developing into an otaku culture district. I would line up in front of the stores early in the morning when there was an event or a release of new anime merchandise. There I quickly made friends who also loved Akihabara and anime.

Around that time, I had the opportunity to assist a foreign company participating in the Tokyo Game Show, Japan's largest game exhibition, held once a year.

A number of foreign staff members who had come to Japan to attend the show came up to me and said:

"I've been a big fan of Japanese anime and manga culture ever since I was little."
"Naruto Shippuden is my life! It's a manga I've been reading since childhood!"
"When I'm in my home country, it's hard to get Japanese anime, manga, and game products that I like."
"There are a lot of cheap fakes of anime goods on the Internet, and I've been tricked many times. I want to buy genuine Japanese merchandise from Japan."

I was thrilled and moved that they talked passionately about the Japanese anime and manga culture.
At the same time, I felt strongly that we Japanese should provide more information on anime and manga and genuine products to the world.

When I checked frequently searched words related to Japanese anime and manga that were looked up by foreigners on the Internet, I found out that both anime and manga were very popular across the world.
I also found that fake Japanese anime goods are being sold in huge quantities!

As you all know, Japanese anime producers, creators, and manufacturers get nothing from fake goods being sold.
The fair share that is usually obtained from a 100% genuine product being sold is not returned to the creators and the producers. This act, that obstructs the production of future animation content and tries to make money by deceiving anime content fans by fake products, is unforgivable.

Most Japanese anime and manga content producers work hard, and at a low wage.
With fake products running rampant in the world, Japanese anime and manga production staff will disappear just because they cannot get the income that they are supposed to get. That will eventually lead to the decline of Japanese anime and manga content.

I want to continue enjoying the amazing Japanese manga and anime culture, and fully support it!

I rented a small anime goods sales booth in Akihabara and started trial sales of 100% genuine Japanese "Naruto Shippuden" figures, a series I love. And, guess what! People visiting Japan from all around the world took a look at my booth with happy faces and excitement!

As I saw the happy faces of those visiting my booth, I wondered whether I could share the same excitement to the billions of people across the world who were unable to come to Akihabara. I wanted to make them smile and give them a thrill through anime and manga.
And I thought of how wonderful it would be if we could create a Japanese anime and manga community which transcends borders, and how that might lead to support Japanese producers!

The question was, who would do that?
I figured it would have to be me, a Japanese guy who is in Akihabara every day and who has loved Japanese anime and manga ever since being a kid!

I set up a department in charge of overseas business in the company I work in and launched a website, Facebook page, and Instagram account That introduces Japanese anime and manga to people around the world.

This is not a mere product sales site, but a means to introduce real and up-to-date information to the world from an "otaku guy" in Akihabara, the mecca of otaku.

We carefully chose the location of our otaku goods shipping center for our overseas customers. We set up the center in the Shinagawa waterfront area right next to Odaiba in Tokyo, about a 20-minute drive from Akihabara, in order to safely deliver products to customers around the world with care and as quickly as possible. It takes just another 20-minute drive from there to Haneda Airport.
Our Japanese staff pack the products carefully and ship them worldwide, even on weekends.

I am very happy to be able to share the culture and love of Japanese anime and manga with many people all over the world through these services.

P.S. Our headquarters is located in the building right in front of Akihabara Station in Tokyo.
Feel free to contact us whenever you travel to Japan!
We will guide you through the Akihabara district, the mecca of otaku! (You would even get the chance to be shown around rare and famous specialty shops not featured in travel guidebooks and websites! )

I, Yamachan, the manager, and Remi and Narumin of the Cosmic Club, who are Japanese regional revitalization female idols, respond daily to questions and requests from people all over the world!

Let's enjoy 100% made-in-Japan anime and manga culture together!

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