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Japan Anime Market - 100% genuine warranty from JAPAN

Don't buy bootlegs!!

Purchasing bootlegs* will put an end to your favorite Manga and Anime!

Lets support the Anime and Manga creators of Japan, so that we can carry on enjoying their creations!

Hello, people of the world!
Thank you for taking an interest in Japanese Manga and Anime.

I’m yama-chan who takes care of this website. We provide daily news from Akibahara, the mecca of Otaku, to our customers all around the world to inform them of the latest Anime and Manga trends and 100% genuine merchandise.

The taste for Manga and Anime may differ from each individual, but I think it‘s safe to say that we all unite in the fact that we all love the wonderful creations that the creators put their heart and soul into.

As a Japanese guy, I too have always enjoyed ‘made-in-Japan’ Anime and Manga since I was a kid. I would receive toys and figurines of my favorite Anime for my birthdays, or write letters to Santa asking him to grant my wish, or save up my pocket money to buy what I wanted.


That is because, no matter the age, there was always something that fascinated me! Not only that, but Manga and Anime helped me form my ways of thinking, and how to deal with things in life, and they allowed me to place myself in the position of the characters.

They took me on a roller-coaster-ride of emotions, bringing tears to my eyes, making me laugh, providing me relief, or even stirring up anger in me. You might have experienced the same through your favorite Manga or Anime.

You might have experienced that as time went by, they shaped your soul, mind and even your very being.

They taught you something that you don’t get taught at school or home.

I really respect the creators that create pieces of work that can influence us in such a way. I also respect all the staff who are involved in the production, and the voice actors who give life to the animation. If it wasn't for their extraordinary creativity, their excellence of intellectual capital and the willpower to keep striving, Japanese Anime and Manga wouldn't have come into existence.

]While showing my gratitude to them, as an individual fan, I want to carry on supporting their great work.

Creators of Manga and Anime get their earnings in proportion to the sales of comics, visual productions and merchandise. Those earnings are what they live on, and what motivates them to create more productions.

The earnings of the creators in the Japanese Manga and Anime industry are relatively low considering the long hours, which is leading to a decrease in young Japanese creators.
As a fan of their pieces of work, I want the production process to be a smooth one(although, personally speaking, I’d like to know how the story is going to unfold!),but there is one thing that is hindering that process.

That is that low-quality bootleg products are circulating around the world at a ridiculously low price.

Some heartless people, who took advantage of the popularity of Japanese Manga and Anime, decided to create masses of fakes, deceive Manga and Anime fans across the world and rake in the profits that amount to tens or hundreds more than that of the sales of genuine products, and keeping it all to themselves.

It goes without saying that the Japanese Manga and Anime creators don’t get a penny from these sales. Not only that, but it disappoints deceived fans that get trashy merchandise sent to them, when they expect it to be high-quality, and this may cause them to lose interest in Anime and Manga all together.

That is the ultimate reason why I chose to provide only 100% genuine products here at Japan Anime Market.

Had I not come across my favorite Manga and life would seem pretty bland and would lack in richness.

I would love to provide opportunities to people around the world to make wonderful encounters with Japanese Manga and Anime.

I will endeavor to do what little I can to enable that.

Through providing 100% genuine products to people around the world, I want your love towards Manga and Anime to grow!

P.S. Our headquarters is located in the building right in front of Akihabara Station in Tokyo.

Feel free to contact us whenever you travel to Japan!
We will guide you through the Akihabara district, the mecca of otaku! (You would even get the chance to be shown around rare and famous specialty shops not featured in travel guidebooks and websites! )

With this mindset, I continue to provide you the latest Anime and Manga news and merchandise from Akihabara, the mecca of Otaku.
Sincerely yours,


Staff at JAM(Japan Anime Market)

*non-genuine products

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