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No batteries are used.
Applicable age: 15 years old and over Maneuver psilon is an aircraft that is organized for destroying Walder suits. Multiple weapon parts are included, and the variety of weapon forms is expanded depending on the combination of weapon parts. He has various combat skills and fights by changing the form of arming to the right person in the right place. There are joints on the shoulders, arms, legs, etc., and there are multiple armed modes. There are maneuver mode, mech mode, boarding mode and storage mode, and various ways of playing are possible. [Set Contents] Maneuver psilon main body (1), Diaclone personnel (1), raid chamber (1), weapon A (2), weapon B (2), weapon C (2), weapon D (2), weapon E ( 2), Weapon F (1), Mini pamphlet (1), Instruction manual (1), (From
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Greetings to everyone in the world from Akihabara, Japan!
I'm Tatsuya Yamamori, the manager of the Japan Anime Market (also known as JAM).
Everyone calls me Yamachan.

Thank you for visiting JAM (the Japan Anime Market).

JAM (the Japan Anime Market) was established with the goal of introducing the latest information and merchandise of anime and manga to fans around the world. It is based in Akihabara, Tokyo, the mecca of anime and manga otaku.

As a Japanese, I have always loved Japanese anime and manga since I was a kid. I loved the Robot Chogokin series such as Mazinger Z and Grendizer, and toys such as Kamen Rider and Ultraman, comics such as Captain Tsubasa and Dokaben, and the list goes on.
But since I couldn't afford the toys and comics with my pocket money at the time, I dreamt of being able to buy as much anime and manga goods as I could when I grew up.

When I was young, my dad would take me to Akihabara whenever I was on holiday. (Though, at that time, it was a district of electronic parts rather than anime merchandise. )


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