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(C) Hiromu Arakawa / FA Project
[Edward Elric] ABS & PVC & metal (clothes made of cloth), total height: about 25cm
[Alphonse Elric] Made of ABS & PVC (some clothes are made of cloth), Height: approx. 36.8cm, equipped with LED lighting function (AG1 button battery x 3 required (battery sold separately))
The photos shown may differ slightly from the actual product

Publisher: threezero
Battery type: Batteries are sold separately and must be purchased separately

From the anime ?gFullmetal Alchemist?h comes a 1 / 6th scale figure of ?gEdward Elric?h and ?gAlphonse Elric?h! `` Edward Elric '' is a movable figure with an overall height of about 25 cm, and the costume is made of cloth
Face parts come with normal and angry faces, and hair parts come with normal bangs and moving bangs
In addition, a bag, automatic mail blade, pocket watch, and various interchangeable wrist parts that can reproduce various scenes are also included.
`` Alphonse Elric '' is a movable figure with an overall height of about 36.8 cm, partially using cloth
Head parts are interchangeable with normal head and gag face head
Equipped with LED light emitting function on the eyes of normal head (3 AG1 button batteries required, batteries sold separately)
In addition, Xiaomei (Panda), cat, and various interchangeable wrist parts that can reproduce various scenes are also included.
And as part of ?gTwin Pack?h only, it comes with gag face parts for ?gEdward Elric?h, sleeveless shirt, trunks, bare feet (right), and automale feet (left).
[Edward Elric accessories] coat, jacket, vest, belt, trousers, boots, bag, automatic mail blade, pocket watch, hair parts x 2 types (normal bangs, moving bangs), replaceable face parts ?~ 2 types (normal face, angry face), various types of interchangeable wrist parts (bare left fist, automale right fist, bare hand jointed pose left hand, automale jointed pose right hand, glove open hand 1 Pair, automale right hand for holding weapons, left hand with pose gloves, left hand with bare hand pose, right hand with pose automate) Twin pack limited parts: gag face parts, sleeveless shirt, Trunks, bare feet (right), automale feet (left) [Alphonse Elric accessories] normal head, gag face head, Xiao Mei (panda), cat, loincloth, Hand parts ?~ 3 pairs of interchangeable (open hand ?~ 1 pair, fist ?~ 1 pair, hands in prayer pose of hand ?~ 1 pair) (from
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