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Product Material PVC, ABS
Age: 15 ++
1/8 Scale (approx. 190mm in total length)
Made in China
Weight: 699
Model Number:- 5

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Reviewer: Shota Kubo
★★★★★ This is an artistic figure (≧ ∀ ≦)
Post date : 11/06/2019 Tuesday

Google Translation Translated by Google This is an artistic figure (≧ ∀ ≦)
I think it's an artistic figure because it's an SP SP It's a mirror and it looks pretty nice when it's lit up (= ^ é ^ =) more than!!!

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
これは芸術的なフィギュアです( ≧∀≦)ノ笑
SPなだけあってこれは芸術的な フィギュアだと思います㊗㊗㊗ミラー仕様なっていてライトアップするとかなりいい感じになります(=^ェ^=)今のところこれだけは購入しました以上!!!

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Reviewer: Aina Ishida
★★★★★ It ’s amazing.
Post date : 12/04/2019 Friday

Google Translation Translated by Google It ’s amazing.
The design, construction, and pedestal are all on a 100-point scale. (It is a personal opinion to the last.) The pedestal is a perfect mirror and it is wonderful to see the line below the body when placed. The mirror part is easy to get a fingerprint when you touch it, so I don't touch it very much. The swimsuit is a metallic purple when seen in the light of a normal room as it was in other reviews. When it is exposed to strong light or reflected in a mirror, it becomes a gradation of metallic green and has a high-class feeling. The hair is long, glossy and straight. There is a unity and it is neat. The more recently you see Japanese-made figures, the finer and more delicate they are made, and in a sense, it feels like a piece of art beyond the realm of “figure” and “mass production”.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Mami Murata
★★★★★ An innocent beauty pirate Boa Hancock
Post date : 23/03/2019 Saturday

Google Translation Translated by Google An innocent beauty pirate Boa Hancock
Boahancock is the first one-piece character figure. I just bought other Megahouse figures, so I thought they would be good. It would have been better if you could cast off.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Store information

Greetings to everyone in the world from Akihabara, Japan!
I'm Tatsuya Yamamori, the manager of the Japan Anime Market (also known as JAM).
Everyone calls me Yamachan.

Thank you for visiting JAM (the Japan Anime Market).

JAM (the Japan Anime Market) was established with the goal of introducing the latest information and merchandise of anime and manga to fans around the world. It is based in Akihabara, Tokyo, the mecca of anime and manga otaku.

As a Japanese, I have always loved Japanese anime and manga since I was a kid. I loved the Robot Chogokin series such as Mazinger Z and Grendizer, and toys such as Kamen Rider and Ultraman, comics such as Captain Tsubasa and Dokaben, and the list goes on.
But since I couldn't afford the toys and comics with my pocket money at the time, I dreamt of being able to buy as much anime and manga goods as I could when I grew up.

When I was young, my dad would take me to Akihabara whenever I was on holiday. (Though, at that time, it was a district of electronic parts rather than anime merchandise. )


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