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Pre-painted finished product
[Scale] 1/8
[Size] height about 210mm
[materials] PVC (partially ABS)
This is a completely renewed version of Nami Ver.2 color repainted with pearls and metallics more vividly, and with hair and face repainted more precisely. Wonder Festival 2011 [Summer] Venue The same product as the sold item.
Weight: 381
Dimension: 29.1 x 19.7 x 12.6 cm; 381 g 5

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Reviewer: Kokona Mori
★★★★★ Preeminent
Post date : 27/09/2019 Friday

Google Translation Translated by Google Preeminent
The real thing is not as categorical as the sample photo and I think it feels right. Although it was Nami's cute workmanship, I was satisfied if it became a little thinner from the calf to the ankle. Because the costume is a skirt leg, it will be minus 1 in the leg line beauty part.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Chiaki Miyazaki
★★★★★ Not really shiny, lol
Post date : 20/05/2019 Monday

Google Translation Translated by Google Not really shiny, lol
The figure is usually very good for product photos and the real thing seems to be bad, but this was the opposite. In the photo, the clothes look shiny, but I don't feel the real thing. The problem is that there is an angle that is more familiar to the face and a delicate angle than that. As a product, it is painted without nails, underwear, and even fine details, and the style is also good. I think it's a very good price because it's like buying it as an extra for those who like Luffy, Frankie and Brooke.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Ryunosuke Kato
★★★★★ I am satisfied.
Post date : 10/04/2019 Wednesday

Google Translation Translated by Google I am satisfied.
It was the result as I saw in the image. I think it's a figure that has both facial expressions and poses. I bought a repaint version because I like pearl. There are various Nami figures, isn't this the best? One-piece characters are rich in facial expressions, so I think “this is Nami!” Is different for each person. So, choosing your favorite face (expression) and pose will not fail.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Wataru Fujii
Post date : 19/03/2019 Tuesday

Google Translation Translated by Google
Recommended if you like Nami on a young day! ! Repaint shine is as you like! !

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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