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[Scale] 1/8
[Size] Approximately 210 mm "Official Non-Certified" Figure Series Since its first release in 2004, popular characters have been three-dimensionally reproduced by various methods "Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece" series. In 2016, which celebrates the 12th anniversary of its launch, Masasaka's new line will launch. The name is "IRO (Informal Request ONE PIECE)". One-piece "Iloilo" characters are gender-reversed, making it a series that produces "Ilo like" with an overdone modeling and coloring approach. The first of interest is Trafalgar Law. As a ?gsexy and cool?h figure such as a tattoo on the chest, a red nail, and a skinny jeans, it will be three-dimensional in shape and color that grasp the heart of a wide range of fans regardless of gender. Perhaps as the industry's first "official non-official" figure series, the POP "IRO" series will unleash its unique appeal. [Set contents] Completed painted figure ... 1 dedicated pedestal ... 1
Weight: 671
Dimension: 12.7 x 7.6 x 20.3 cm; 31.8 g
Model Number: JAN168677 5

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Reviewer: Takumi Ueno
★★★★★ Suitable for the first one piece POP
Post date : 17/10/2019 Thursday

Google Translation Translated by Google Suitable for the first one piece POP
One piece POP series that I wanted to see someday. We purchased as the memorable first. The reason is that the face is so cute and the short hair style was good. I was not interested in feminization or law, but for the first time I fell in love with the figure and went on to buy it. We are very satisfied with the degree of completion as shown in the image. It's a shame that the sword will fall down.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Ryota Inoue
★★★★★ I liked it before the pre-sale.
Post date : 12/10/2019 Saturday

Google Translation Translated by Google I liked it before the pre-sale.
Since the look of the prototype was cute from the pre-sale stage, it was reserved and purchased. I received it today and there was no personal problem. How about being unofficial? I thought, but it was better than expected. But how about the price? I think. Because I made a reservation and purchased it, it was around 10,000 yen including shipping. It seems that there is a pre-price price now, so I recommend buying after thinking. Evaluation only for goods was set to 5.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Kohana Takahashi
★★★★★ New.
Post date : 2/10/2019 Wednesday

Google Translation Translated by Google New.
This time it will be “IRO”, a new series of POP (Portrait.Of.Pirates) series. One-piece characters are transsexualized and become figures. I am a Trafalgar Law fan so I tried to buy something. I really like the impression when I open it. I wonder if it ’s true. I think that the cute and beautiful face and body line that are characteristic of one-piece female characters are reproduced in detail. For painting and modeling, the results are quite good. There were no replacement parts or cast-offs. Since the pedestal protrusion has only two protrusions that support the row body, is the demon's weapon “Ogre 哭” sandwiched between the pedestal and the row palm? I feel it. The pedestal part probably has a dent for "Ogre", so it feels good to attach to it. * Please mark the image for reference. I personally like this series. If it is a reservation price, you can buy it for 10,000 yen, so I think it is more than the price. It was a figure that seemed good to buy. Why don't you buy one-piece fans or Trafalgar Law fans? I recommend! Although it became a long sentence, it was a review to IRO which is a new attempt of the POP series. I hope it will be helpful for those who are thinking about purchasing.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Sho Ueno
★★★★★ It ’s wonderful.
Post date : 30/09/2019 Monday

Google Translation Translated by Google It ’s wonderful.
I had refrained from purchasing the POP series for a while, but I wanted it the moment I saw it. I don't see any deterioration from the sample, and I think the back view is particularly wonderful. I'm worried that there weren't many orders, but if the series continues, I'd like to see Mihawk.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: An Otsuka
★★★★★ Parenthesis is cute.
Post date : 14/08/2019 Wednesday

Google Translation Translated by Google Parenthesis is cute.
A few months have passed since I made a reservation, but I'm not bored. I think such a one-piece figure is also good. I like something like Ranma 1/2. I don't buy Luffy. I ’m a low fan. You will not make a reservation even if you come out of Sanji or Zoro woman version. Anyway, this female version of Law is cool and cute. I haven't missed my nails. I still decorate it in the collection case.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Ayako Saito
★★★★★ Excellent style
Post date : 19/06/2019 Wednesday

Google Translation Translated by Google Excellent style
I bought it in the IRO Trafalga Law formula. I bought this series for the first time, but I bought it because of the body line in the back. Although it is a fumaer that is not officially recognized, it firmly holds the characteristics of one-piece female characters. In terms of the atmosphere, it seems like Nico Robin and Boa Hancock. Low's characteristic erection is also beautiful and it is a female version, but the nails are also painted well, but I feel that the chest is too sexy. X. This fugue overall The style is outstanding and the painting is also beautiful and the costume accessory is also shaped It ’s fine. I felt high quality because the fugure of the system that doesn't move has only Fuyuarts ZERO. Overall, I like it and I want to put it on, but I want to put it on, but the low weapon, Oni, hold the handle with the right hand and feel good to fix it with a little dent on the pedestal. Because it ends up, it is -1. Although it is an original non-authorized character, since it is an original of two characters whose gender changes, maybe it will appear? Recommended if you don't like wTSF.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
I.R.O トラファルガ・ロー 公式で買ってみました。このシリーズ買うのは初めてですが 後ろ姿のボディーラインにやられて購入してしまいました。原作 非公認というフュギュアですが ワンピースの女性キャラの特徴をしっかり押さえてます。雰囲気でいうと ニコ・ロビンやボア・ハンコックなどそういう系な感じかな。ローの特徴的なイレズミもしっかりキレイですし 女性版というけどでネイルもしっかり塗られていますが 胸元がセクシーすぎる気が・x・このフュギュア 全体的 スタイル抜群で塗装もキレイですし衣装 小物も造形が細かくいいです。動かない系のフュギュアはフュギュアーツZEROしかもってないのでクオリティーの高さを感じました。全体的に 気に入ったので5つけたいのですがローの武器 鬼哭 右手で柄の部分を押さえ 台座のちょっとしたくぼみに上手いことはめて固定する感じなのですがものすごく簡単な出来なのでちょっとしたことですぐに外れてしまうので-1です。原作非公認キャラですが こういう性別が変化するキャラ2人原作でいるのででひょっとしたら登場するかも?wTSF系嫌いでなければ おすすめです。

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Reviewer: Taichi Ando
★★★★★ Best
Post date : 17/05/2019 Friday

Google Translation Translated by Google Best
it's the best. A beautiful body line and all the fine shapes are perfect. The only difficulty is that the sword is easy to collapse.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Amaya Takeuchi
★★★★★ New attempt
Post date : 4/04/2019 Thursday

Google Translation Translated by Google New attempt
In the new POP series, IRO (Informal Request ONE PIECE), the first unofficial request figure. The prototype is Mr. Maki Inada, and in the past, “End of Century Occult Academy” Kojiro Maya is also in charge. The slender beauty has a unique sense. The sample hat image was made with no false lies. Despite the uneven shape of the fur hat (expression of texture), the rounded part was left unpainted, and there was no unevenness and the skinny jeans were suitable for the site. Red nail polish on the nails, chest and both hands (DEATH) are also very sharp. Since it is not a swimsuit, the skin is exposed little, and the gradation is lightly colored around the boundary between the jeans and the skin, giving priority to the molding color. Since there are no replacement parts, the “Onigaku” cannot be pulled out. The right foot stands on the tiptoe, the heel has no spacers, the body is relatively light, and the balance is not biased. Because it is a pose with a hat in a deep pose, the face tends to be hidden, and a cute expression with a raised corner is a wasteful point. Trafalgar Law female version? Recommended if there is no disgust.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
POP新シリーズでIRO(Informal Request ONE PIECE)、非公式の要求の第一弾フィギュアです。原型は稲田真樹氏、過去には「世紀末オカルト学院」神代マヤも担当されています。スレンダー系美女の造形は独特なセンスを感じます。見本画像に嘘偽りのない出来でした、ファーの帽子は凹凸な造形(質感の表現)にもかかわらず、丸く塗られた部分の塗り残し、ムラはなくスキニージーンズも部位に適したグラデーション塗装。爪である部分に赤いマニキュア、胸元と両手の刺青(DEATH)も非常にシャープ。水着でないので肌の露出は少なめ、成形色優先でジーンズと肌の境界周辺にうっすらグラデーション。交換パーツがなく「鬼哭」は抜刀不可、右手とベースに挟み込むようにしてセット、がっちりと固定はしない方式。右足はつま先立ちで、かかとにはスペーサーは無し、本体は比較的軽量でバランスも偏っておらず問題なし。帽子を深めにかぶったポーズなのでお顔が隠れがち、口角が上がった可愛い表情なのにもったいないポイント(逆にここが狙いかも)。トラファルガー・ローの女体版?に嫌悪感がなければおすすめです。

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Reviewer: Shunsuke Miyazaki
★★★★★ m (_ _) m
Post date : 9/03/2019 Saturday

Google Translation Translated by Google m (_ _) m
It arrived safely today. There was no problem with the product. I'm glad you ordered here.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
m(_ _)m

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Reviewer: Takashi Takahashi
★★★★★ Loo-chan is so cute ~
Post date : 6/02/2019 Wednesday

Google Translation Translated by Google Loo-chan is so cute ~
I bought this figure because of the color of the manicure , the burning red cuteness. And then, the jacket that I saw was sexy. 〃〃 Tight & Low-rise jeans are good too. The face shape is perfect. Is the cute. And I'm obsessed with the shape of the jacket that flows when I see it from the back and the back of the bag. 》 You can't pull out the sword (laughs). Base → (width) about 14.5cm (thickness) about 6mm When wearing the sword, insert it from the back of the right hand into the palm. Then, there is a KUBOMI in the center of the unofficial official letter of the pedestal, so if you slide there, it will be fixed, but it is not in a tight manner. Attention is necessary (o ゝ Д ・) b → body → mount on the pedestal so that the center of the back of the toes of the body is aligned with the boss (pin for mounting) and the dowel (pin) on the pedestal To do. My individual may be difficult to get addicted to, depending on the spider individual that is attached easily. By the way, Trafalgar Law (woman ver) cannot be cast off.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
私が、このフィギュアを購入したのはマニキュアの色燃えるような赤可愛さを引き立ててますね~それから、ハダケたジャケット~見える胸元が、セクシーです(〃〃*)タイト&ローライズなジーンズも良いですね~。お顔の造形も完ぺきです。可愛いです。そしてそして後ろから見た時の流れるジャケットの造形に惚れてまいまして購入ぅゼッテ~買う~ポチッとなρ(≧∇≦)刀の造形&塗装も良いですね~《注》刀を抜くことは、出来ません(笑)しってるは( '∀`)Σ⊂(゚Д゚ )《本体と台座のサイズ》本体→(高さ)約23cm  (幅)約17cm台座→(幅)約14.5cm   (厚み)約6mm刀の装着は、右手の後ろから手のひらに差し込み。それから台座の非公認の公の字のムの中心にクボミがありますので、そこへスライドしていけば固定されますが、ガッチリとでは、有りませんので。注意が必要です(oゝД・)b本体→台座への装着は、本体の足の爪先の裏の中心あたりにホゾ(取り付け用の穴)と台座のダボ(ピン)を合わせるように装着します。私の個体は、スポッと簡単に付きました個体によっては、ハマりにくい事も有るかもしれません。因みに、トラファルガー・ロー(女ver )はキャストオフ出来ません。

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