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Pre-painted Completed Figure
[Size] about 1/8 scale (230 mm)
"Light Justice" Rob Lucci re-appears! The "POP One-Piece Series NEO-6 Rob Lucci" released in 2009 has been upgraded based on the popular molding! The expression of more sharpness and the texture of the costume are reproduced with high quality coloring, and it has become a very long-awaited item for fans! ! The head of the new model can be replaced with a 2 pattern hairstyle. The top hat is removable, so there are many variations of the display. In addition, 3 patterns of right arm parts are attached, and you can add various expressions to Lucci's lonesome standing figure. In addition, "Hattori" of pigeon that stops on Rucci's right shoulder is a new figure! Hattori who makes arms (feather?) And makes it look with sharp eyes is powerful enough!
Weight: 490
Dimension: 35.6 x 26.5 x 12.3 cm 5

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Reviewer: Riku Yamashita
★★★★★ Too cool!
Post date : 15/08/2019 Thursday

Google Translation Translated by Google Too cool!
Modeling, painting, no complaints. The color looks deeper than the regular version and looks more like a Lucci. It is not flashy in terms of posing or color, but it has a presence.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Hana Murakami
★★★★★ I am very satisfied
Post date : 15/08/2019 Thursday

Google Translation Translated by Google I am very satisfied
It ’s so cool in a word! ! We are satisfied with the anime-like finish. Even if you decorate it, it is a powerful score.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Koharu Fukuda
★★★★★ Good job
Post date : 8/07/2019 Monday

Google Translation Translated by Google Good job
The face is already another person. It became real and very astringent. The making of hair is also very fine. The color of the suit is a little pale, but the painting is perfect! The shape of the hat is also oval, making it easier to wear. It's a little difficult to insert, but the other face may have an atmosphere. The hat also has a facial expression and no longer falls off. Although it was originally a good Lucci, it has become even better this time. I'm very happy with this version upgrade.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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