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(C) Tatsuhei Nagatsuki / KADOKAWA / Re: Life in a different world starting from zero
Overall height: Approximately 120mm
The photos shown may differ slightly from the actual product.
From the TV anime ?gRe: Life in a Different World from Zero?h, twin-maid sister ?gRem?h appears on 1/7 scale. An illustration of Dr. Shinichiro Otsuka, drawn for the rem birthday event, which was held in February 2017, was a great success. You can enjoy a private time with the image of REM who smiles gently and the ?gbirthday?h of only two people. The clothes (baby doll) are reproduced with transparent parts. The cushion that comes standard with the product is a nano-bead cushion with an original pattern that uses a REM hair ornament as a motif. Can be used for display as a pedestal (size approx. 150-150 ?~ 45mm). (From
Dimension: 15 x 11.9 x 15 cm
Model Number: 299 g 5

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When I was young, my dad would take me to Akihabara whenever I was on holiday. (Though, at that time, it was a district of electronic parts rather than anime merchandise. )


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