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June Shipping SHFiguarts Android 21
Model Number: A12 5

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Reviewer: Yushimitsu Tanaka
★★★★★ I wanted the front face
Post date : 5/10/2019 Saturday

Google Translation Translated by Google I wanted the front face
Premium Bandai order-limited product with game original character & Ras Boss designed by Todaiyama Godai appearing in "Dragon Ball Fighters". The regular price is 5,940 yen including tax. It is popular because of the cuteness of its design, and it has a growing number of three-dimensional objects and goods such as scale figures and prizes, although no anime has yet appeared. Other than thinking that the knee should bend a little more, it's slender, so it's mobile. The volume of the hair is amazing, but the back hair moves, so you can move the head left, right, up and down. The shoulder is a pull-out type, and the tail is rotated at the base joint and center. Legs can be opened 180 degrees. Since the weight and heel of the hair and tail are short, it is difficult to fall back if you are standing. There was no noticeable error in painting, etc., but it is personally disappointing that all of the face parts are facing down. I knew this from the product image before the purchase, but I wanted a face that was facing the front. The only face of the good spirit that doesn't face down seems a little lengthy ... It's nice to have a wide variety of wrists, but the other options were so lonely as a donut that I wanted an effect. And there are various regretful parts, but I think that the basic results are good because it is cute and moves well.

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Reviewer: Yushimitsu Hirota
★★★★★ It is worth buying.
Post date : 29/07/2019 Monday

Google Translation Translated by Google It is worth buying.
I didn't know much about Dragon Ball, but I bought the Android 21 character because it felt attractive. You can decorate cute and cool. The painting is also polite and the quality is high. Movable is good except that the knee does not bend too much. The hair parts and tail are large, and it is easy to fall behind. If you use the tail, it will be supported at three points, so it will be stable without a stand. There are two frustrating points regarding accessories.・ The face part for replacement does not have a face in front. ・ It is a regrettable point for those who want to stand up and decorate without putting a fist on the wrist part. There are some unfortunate points with the accessories, but I am satisfied because I bought it when I made a reservation.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Hiro Tanaka
★★★★★ The strongest range of motion in Dragon Ball Arts
Post date : 3/06/2019 Monday

Google Translation Translated by Google The strongest range of motion in Dragon Ball Arts
We purchased by reservation of Premium Bandai. This art is very good. Thanks to its slender figure, it feels more movable than the male Z warrior figuarts. There is no hindrance because the hair and tail are also movable. Speaking of strength, it is an impression that the knee does not bend deeply because of the trousers design. That said, it's enough to act because it turns around 90 degrees. Also, the joints are not very weak like the previous female arts, so they are quite stiff, so it feels like a male artistic movement. Personal negative points are accessories. I am glad that there are a lot of wrist parts with facial expressions, but I feel that there are few versatile parts such as fist and front facing parts. However, the range of motion was wide, and I was very satisfied with the beautiful and mysterious pose of No. 21.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
プレミアムバンダイの予約で購入しました。 今回のアーツは凄く出来がいいです。細身な体型のおかげで男性のZ戦士のフィギュアーツより可動域が広く感じます。髪の毛や尻尾にも軸可動があるので妨げになりません。強いて言えばダボダボなズボンのデザインなので膝が深く曲がらない印象です。とは言っても90度くらいは曲がるのでアクションするには充分です。 あと今までの女性系アーツのように関節が貧弱な感じではなくかなりガッチリしてるので男性系アーツ同様動かしごたえがある印象です。個人的なマイナス点は付属品です。表情のある手首パーツが豊富に入っているのは嬉しいのですが、握り拳や正面向きの目線パーツなどの汎用性の高いパーツが少なく感じます。 しかし可動域も広く21号の美しく妖しいポーズが映えるので非常に満足の出来でした。

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Reviewer: Kazuya Tashiro
★★★★★ I like it very much
Post date : 4/04/2019 Thursday

Google Translation Translated by Google I like it very much
I was very disappointed when the official reservation was overdue, but I am very happy to be able to purchase a new one.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Reviewer: Tomo Akira
★★★★★ Female version of Majin Buu!
Post date : 18/02/2019 Monday

Google Translation Translated by Google Female version of Majin Buu!
I'm happy to commercialize "Android 21", the last boss of the fighting game "Dragon Ball Fighters" and the key person. In the setting, he is a former Red Ribbon Army scientist with a brain comparable to Dr Gero. It is a feeling that combines cuteness and coolness with the direct design of the original author, Toriyama-sensei. It looks like a person who has a feminine appearance of Majin Buu. She comes with 3 facial expression parts (left facing, looking down, left facing good face), 4 left and right wrist parts for replacement, a freezer-like tail, and a donut bowl. It is a pity that the band parts don't have hand grips, and there are no good and bad front face parts. Because it is movable, you can pose like a girl. I can't wait to see pink clothes bloomers coming out in November this year. Of course, the broly battle uniform ver scheduled to be released in September ...!

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