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Figure total height approx 16cm
?? Due to the characteristics of overseas products, there may be cases where paint stains, paint spills, paint unevenness, etc. are included.
?? Gokuu Black of Super Saiyan Rose appeared from the 6-inch figure series "Dragon Stars" by "USA Dragon Band Ultra" by USA Bandai! The right leg parts for the build figure "Coupled Zamas" are included. 5

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Reviewer: Nolfros
★★★★☆ cheap and easily broken
Post date : 8/09/2019 Sunday
those poseable legs are a problem. the piece they click onto is easily broken during play. My son broke this action figure, during play, when he did a play kick and the leg popped off. He said "don't worry mom, it will click back on." Then, when he realized that the piece to click the leg back onto had broken off, he started to cry. He is 9 yrs old and this was his Christmas present. This also happened to his Jiren action figure as well.......on the same left leg. This is a factory defect.

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Reviewer: kristinab31
★★★★☆ Great for gifts,collection,decorations or for any dragon ball z fan!
Post date : 29/08/2019 Thursday
Its a great dragon ball z figure. I think the hair and tail is what makes this figure look awesome. But other than that great articulations. Great paint. Another great series of dragon ball z figures for a good price. As a parent i recommended these figures for kids. My son plays with these and i haven't had no problem with the figures or any loose joints.

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Reviewer: K. Ou
★★★★☆ Broly, the Legendary Dragon Stars figure
Post date : 22/08/2019 Thursday
Broly figures are usually pretty pricey, and their prices raise a lot real fast.So if you want a good Broly figure for relatively cheap, I suggest pouncing on this one before the price gets too high.However, if you want better leg and foot poseability, I'd look elsewhere.

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Reviewer: Soybean311
★★★★☆ Trunks Super Saiyan Banana Edition
Post date : 18/08/2019 Sunday
As a completionist and to build the fusion figure ( comes with the head) i bought this abomination. It looks like anyone but trunks, looks like jack frost with 20 bananas on his head. Since he was very cheap and to complete wave 3 i got him. If you are not planning on building the fusion zamasu or you ARE NOT a completionist just don't waste your money on this one. Buy the absolute perfection trunks or the figure arts.

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Reviewer: Tomo Heijima
★★★★☆ Verry nice but a little limited.
Post date : 6/06/2019 Thursday
Just to be clear this is a review for Super Saiyan blue Vegito. I got this figure a few days ago & I must say he is probably the nicest looking Dragon Stars figure I've seen yet. I don't have a lot of these figures But I do have Frieza & the Gamestop exclusive Goku & Vegeta & I briefly owned Trunks. Vegito is a new sculpt with the possible exception of his hair which looks just like Goku's but that's normal, his articulation is quite good I think it's best to compare it to Goku's cause he is obviously similar & anybody collecting these figures is bound to have him. Vegito's new sculpt has a few faults his knee joints don't bend as far struggling to get past 90° & his hip joints don't move as well or as naturally, his legs always seem to be a little to far forward instead of straight down. The other weird thing is his shoulders, the blue part of the sleeve is a separate piece that you have to move with the actual shoulder joint which can be tough considering how tight they can be. All in all the figure is quite good I only mention the above issues in case you or anyone reading this would not be happy with said issues. Really I like all the figures I've gotten from this line except Trunks, Trunks was pretty bad. The last thing I'll mention is that on my Vegito the ball-hinge joints are stuck really stuck, his hands will still spin around the ball-peg though so it's not a huge deal.Hope you find this helpful & good luck.Update 6/21/18: Ball-hinge joints at the wrists finally came unstuck & work just fine now.

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Reviewer: Mr. Right
★★★★☆ Very good Frieza
Post date : 13/05/2019 Monday
Probably the best figure of the wave. The detail is really good. The articulation is great. If you don't have a SH Figuarts Frieza then this figure is perfect for the price point.

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Reviewer: quasilyon
★★★★☆ Stunning Gogeta Blue Figure
Post date : 12/05/2019 Sunday
For starters, this figure is a new series of Dragon Stars and they’ve made tweaks to articulation that allow for a wider range of poses. That said, this figure is an improved version of other figures, and ultimately the best Gogeta figure right now. I have the Figure Rise Gogeta and S.H. Figuarts Gogeta, and this one tops even those. The shading on this guy is incredible, his articulation isn’t as good as the S.H. Figuarts version, but overall I like this one better. The other two versions do come with base form Gogeta heads, which sucks that we don’t get any accessories with dragon stars, but still this figure is awesome. If you’re looking for any Gogeta Figure right now, I’d recommend this over the others, but if you’re more interested in accessories and such, maybe purchase this one later when it’s cheaper.

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Reviewer: J. A. Balbin Jr.
★★★★☆ My first one broke after 5 minutes
Post date : 1/05/2019 Wednesday
This is not the seller's fault. The product is just cheaply made. That said, it will probably be fine if you aren't too rough with it. My son was playing with an adult with the first Jiren action figure, and the adult was pretending to kick and accidentally broke the leg (not the part that reattaches but the actual plastic). He was devastated, so I bought another one, and this one seems to detach easily at one of the removeable areas. It may just be the Jiren action figure that was poorly made because we have multiple DBZ and Super action figures, and we haven't had a problem with any of them yet.

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Reviewer: DillonSowles
★★★★☆ Perfect Cell Figure is Imperfect
Post date : 26/04/2019 Friday
Even though I've grown out of Dragon Ball Z, I've always loved Perfect Cell even now when I'm 29 years old. (Perfect Cell, the Cell Jrs. and "Buuhan" are my all-time favorite villains from this classic anime series.) Needless to say, I was ecstatic to find a Perfect Cell figure that was affordable! I ordered him and eagerly awaited his arrival.In terms of details, they are amazing. The paint is even flawless. I also love that there is an extra set of hands for more poses. Sadly, I discovered that his shoulder joints are rather loose. Every time I tried to position his arms for a cool pose, one or both of his wings would pop off. Not cool Bandai! Not cool! The removable wings might have been intentional, but I think it was a mistake. I don't like figures with parts that can be easily broken or lost.That being said, I really wish that the Perfect Cell figure was more durable. He's one of my favorite characters and it stinks that I have to rate the figure less than 5 stars. Maybe Bandai will release Cell Jr. figures in the future. I only hope that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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Reviewer: Skyangel1014
★★★★☆ Fun to Collect
Post date : 22/04/2019 Monday
These Dragon Stars figures are a poor mans Figuarts. While the sculpt/detail/paint work isn't up to par with more pricey figures it is still worth the $20 you pay. I keep mine in the box but the additional "build-a-figure" is a cool touch. The box that these figures come in is clean and easy to display. Vegeta's face is a bit again, he's good for the price.

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